Control Centre
GNG Security has a 24-hour control centre, which is the heart of our operations. From the control centre all communications are monitored; response vehicles are dispatched and tracked; personnel managed; site reports logged; supervisors tracked; and emergency services contacted.

We own a fleet of vehicles to ensure effective and efficient turn around on assignments. Vehicles have direct contact with the Control Centre, and the centre is able to track the movements of our vehicles, thereby making it easier to deploy the nearest available vehicles to any incident.

With integrated communications between vehicle drivers, our vehicles and the control centre, we are able to deliver in time.

Risk Assessment and Security Mapping
We provide consultancy and risk audit services to our clients, including surveys of key risk areas for customers and solutions for risk reduction.

Support to Clients
Client support is an important and integral function of a successful organisation. Therefore it is our recognition that all aspects of safety and security programmes function best through consistent and clear communication channels between us and clients.