GNG Technical is the technical support division within GNG Risk management and security.

GNG Technical services both GNG Security’s core clients, as well as other security services providers. The facility provides a key function in the maintenance of security services equipment, to ensure longer life shelf of security services equipment without compromising on quality and efficiency. The department has a team of technical staff whose core responsibility is to provide technical support.

Services and functions performed include:

  • Radio maintenance
  • Turnstiles installations, maintenance and technical support
  • CCTV installations, maintenance and technical support
  • Alarm installations, maintenance and technical support

The division also overseas high tech security management including:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV digital and analogue systems and equipment
  • Vehicle Booms and Barriers
  • Integrated Parking systems and Management
  • Fire and Gas Detection extinguishing systems
  • Hotel Safety and Security Systems
  • Stand Alone cordless door locking
  • Electric Fencing and gate Motors